Monday, 26 April 2021

Birding Abattoir Swamp at Julatten

 Although not looking its best anymore Abattoir Swamp is still worth a visit. One of the main attractions here is the rather confiding pair of Northern Fantail which have made it their home.

Northern Fantail

Another attraction here is the Brown-backed Honeyeater which can be easily observed between the months of July and March. From October onwards their distinctive dome shaped nests can be seen hanging from the trees along the boardwalk to the bird hide.

Brown-backed Honeyeater

There is a great bird hide just above the swap but unfortunately the area around the hide is infested with Olive Hymenachne grass which covers the shallow water and discourages aquatic birds. When in flower however, the stand of Bottlebrush trees behind the hide attracts a wealth of Honeyeaters

Other regular visitors to the area include Rufous Whistler, several species of Honeyeater and both the Red-backed and Lovely Fairywren. Have a look at this recent eBird  list for the swamp - Here is also the only place nearby where you can find the Eastern Yellow Robin.

Eastern Yellow Robin

White-browed and Spotless Crake can occasionally be seen near a small pond under the Bottlebrush Trees where the invasive grass has not managed to take hold. The best place for birding is actually the parking area, picnic table surrounding bushland. Abattoir Swamp is still well worth a visit especially if you want to photograph birds.

Brown Honeyeater on Bluebottle flowers

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